My name is Emily. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am a student (literally and figuratively). I created this blog as a way to archive my creative process, my musings, my mind-wanderings, and ultimately my journey to total well-being.

“A Mind Like Fire Unbound” is from the Buddhist Noble Truth of the end of Dukkha, which is Nirvana. It is explained as the image of a flame that burns on its own- not something burning or giving off a flame, without being attached to anything. Beyond grasping, control, attachment, or aversion, is this state. The flame of our true nature, which is awakening, burns independently.

This is my goal, and what I am working towards on this path- to move beyond the conditioned responses that obscure my true nature. The learning is in the unlearning.

The teachings are the finger pointing to the moon. Don’t confuse the finger for the moon.